Parquet glue 10 kg.


Chimiver has come up with a new MS adhesive in 10 kilo buckets. The glue has properties similar to Unisil professional floor glue.

Model: 1000
Weight: 10 kg
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Chimiver has come up with a new MS adhesive in 10 kilo buckets. On the other hand, the price is lower and the glue can be drawn out longer, so that the consumption per m² is reduced. Thus, Chimiver Elast is a product that can be used with great advantage for gluing down mosaic parquets and parquet strips in particular.
The density of Chimiver Elast is higher than many other professional floor adhesives because less resin is used. However, the consistency and color are the same and at a much more favorable price.

The glue hardens through the humidity of the air and becomes resistant to water and temperature.
The parquet glue hardens in 36-48 hours.
The glue can be used on floors with underfloor heating. The parquet adhesive also has a very sound-absorbing effect.

Consumption: Approx. 6-10 m2 per bucket. The amount of glue depends on which glue filler is used and how flat and even the subfloor is.

If the glue is not to be moisture-proof , glue putty 6118 is used
If the glue is to be moisture-proof, glue putty 6119 is used