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Mira Epoxy remover 7250

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7250 epoxy remover is a concentrated cleaning agent for removing grout haze and remnants of epoxy on ceramic tiles, natural stone, etc. that have hardened on the surface. Larger residues of epoxy must first be heated with an air heat gun and removed mechanically, and can subsequently be cleaned with 7250 epoxy remover.

Contents: 0.5 liter bottle
Application: Wall, Floor, Indoor, Outdoor, Wet room, Dry room, Terrace, Swimming pool, Heavy duty areas, Balcony, Food industry
Tile type: Mosaic, Glass mosaic, Ceramic tiles with water absorption < 0.5%, Ceramic tiles with water absorption > 0.5%, Natural stone, Marble

  • Very efficient
  • Dissolves hardened epoxy grout
  • Makes washing up easier
  • For cleaning tools

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