Rockstone Thermo Deck terraces 26x117 mm. - SEAL ONLY

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Unfortunately, this item can only be delivered on Zealand at the moment. The Rockstone Thermo Deck can be mounted with hidden clips so that there are no screw holes. They can also be mounted with visible screws like all other patio planks.

Model: 1088-026122
Weight: 4 kg
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Wood is a natural material and it can therefore not be expected that the colors are the same for all the planks supplied. The tree can swing from being dark brown / deep red to almost golden. Unfortunately, it is not possible to display the color play exactly on images or smaller samples as the planks are never the same.

Since the quality of the wood is always slightly oscillating, one must always count on approx. 5-7% extra for cutting waste if there is anywhere to cut something.

On many boards, there may be "stream marks" from the storage. These marks will disappear over time if the terrace is not treated. If the terrace is to be oiled, we recommend that the terrace be sanded lightly before treatment and any power signs disappear.

product Details
  • Dimensions: 26x117 mm.
  • Consumption: 8.2 meters per m2
  • Length: Available in 360 or 420 cm. length. If you prefer one of the lengths, it can be noted in the comments box during the booking.
  • Maroon color
  • Long life
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Eco-friendly production. The planks are made of pine.

Rockstone Thermo Deck - Thermo-terrace boards

Wood is a living organism that can absorb moisture. When the wood becomes moist, it expands, twists and becomes more susceptible to moisture and advice. There are several ways to counter this, among other things. by mixing plastic in the wood that gives composite, or make a pressure impregnation. Thermowood is wood that has slowly warmed up to 212 degrees, thereby killing the tree. In the process, the wood loses its liquid-sucking properties and therefore becomes more stable and resistant to moisture and dirt and fungi. This is an environmentally friendly way where the wood is still pure wood and without the use of any chemicals!

Minimal maintenance

During the heating process, the wood lost its liquid-sucking properties and thus it absorbs less liquid and therefore it keeps the color and remains beautiful for longer than other wood. But in spite of this, it is still a good idea and our recommendation to give the wood a game of oil once a year - this ensures that the wood retains its color for even longer.


The boards can easily be fitted with special clips made specifically for these boards. With these you get a nice finish without screw holes, as they are made for concealed installation. You can find the mounting clips here: fittings-and- accessories- to-terrace- 722/ Otherwise, they can of course also be mounted as normal terrace boards with visible stainless screws.