La Vida vinyl floor - Anthracite concrete

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Model: 580-03
Weight: 2 kg
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The La Vida vinyl series is the strongest quality in the residential program, the vinyl floor can also be used for light commercial use. La Vida has a strong transparent wear layer of a whopping 0.5 mm. A wide range of designs means that the La Vida series can be used in most rooms in the home. This beautiful vinyl floor can be used in all rooms of the home, with the exception of the wet zone in the bathroom.

Roll width: 400 cm.
Total thickness: 2.8 mm.
Back: Special back made of a combination of foam and black felt, which provides better step sound absorption and insulation against cold feet. In addition, the vinyl is more stable on the subfloor when it is loosely mounted.
Surface: Lightly embossed surface which makes the coating more natural and look at.
Wear layer: 0.5 mm.
Abrasion resistance: 33 - approved for residential use and light commercial use
Weight: 2.0 kg/m2
15-year home warranty!
The A+ indoor climate label

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