Maxima EKO Vinyl flooring - Puzzle - PROMOTION

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Model: 563-01
Weight: 1,62 kg
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Economical and comfortable flooring with a total thickness of 2.5 mm and wear layer of 0.15 mm. Resistant PVC foam, used as the back of Maxima Eko, provides good insulation properties and increases walking comfort. Due to the latest design trends, it is perfect for rooms such as bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms.
This beautiful vinyl floor can be used in all rooms of the home.

Roll width: 400 cm.
Tile size: 25x25 cm.
Total thickness: 2.5 mm.
Wear layer: 0.15 mm.
Abrasion resistance: 31 - approved for residential use
Weight: 1.62 kg/m2
5 year housing warranty!
The A+ indoor climate label