Nordic floor heating plate 25 mm. to 20 mm. snake

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An insulating floor heating plate which is supplied with glued aluminum surface for good heat distribution. The plate is designed for low building heights.

Model: 202531
Weight: 1 kg
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Dimension: 25x600x1200 mm. - Area per. plate = 0.72 m2

Hose dimension: 20 mm.

Insulation: EPS300 (expanded polystyrene)

Track / CC track distance: 250 mm. - 3 tracks per plate

Integrated reversing slot: Yes

Installation guide Nordic Panel

New floor heating plates from NORDIC. - quick reaction time, fast assembly

The development of underfloor heating in recent years goes from heating hoses in concrete and to light floor heating plates, which distributes heat more quickly. It helps to reduce energy consumption and gives consumers a lower heating bill .

New floor heating plates from NORDIC can regulate the floor heating temperature in just 30 minutes. It saves energy and at the same time they are faster and cheaper to mount.

Developed by Nordic universities The new floor heating plates from NORDIC have been developed by the technical universities here in the Nordic countries. The team was tasked with developing the perfect floor heating system, both in terms of energy consumption and installation. Therefore, the new series of floor heating plates is designed to be able to regulate the temperature quickly - this gives good opportunity for night reduction and races regulation, which means a much lower heating bill. The principle behind the development work was that the heating hoses should be closer to the final floor, lie with a smaller center distance and be in a smaller dimension.

Reaction time of just 30 minutes Underfloor heating systems based on heating hoses embedded in concrete often have a reaction time of 24 hours. The new NORDIC systems cut the reaction time down to just 30 minutes. Therefore, a room thermostat can easily regulate the heat consumption continuously - for example. when the sun during the day gives a natural warming. Or when there are many people in the room. The thermostat can regulate the heat consumption continuously, saving the consumer on the heating bill and enjoying a much better indoor climate.

Can be used for all floor types The NORDIC floor heating plates are produced in EPS 300, which has a very high compressive strength (300 kPa). Therefore, you can lay all kinds of floors immediately on top of the floor heating plates: tiles, tiles, natural stone, parquet and laminate floors. herringbone park glued to a floor plate, wall to wall carpets or a whole smooth vinyl coating - yes even thin concrete can be cast as a raw and fashionable floor.

Particularly thin version for renovations In renovation projects in older homes, the height is often a significant problem. Here, the NORDIC floor heating plates are obtained in a special type, which is only 1 mm thicker than the heating hose - ie 13 mm in height for 12 mm heating hoses and only 19 mm. in height for 16 mm heating hoses.

Suitable for low energy Unique to NORDIC is the ability of the underfloor heating plates to utilize the heat from low energy systems, such as geothermal heating systems and heat pump systems, where the flow temperature can be kept completely down to 35-40 degrees at 50-60 degrees in traditional heating systems.

The fast response time increases comfort and at the same time minimizes energy waste.

Fully automatic robot production ensures a perfect product. Produced in Scandinavia at a competitive price.

When the return track is used, the aluminum coating is cut easily with a knife. Then the foil is pressed down into the channel with the back of the knife.